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We design and build custom, mobile-friendly, user-friendly websites with attention to detail and quality.

hand-crafted websites

We approach web design from a different angle than many companies. Rather than relying on bloated page builders and WYSIWYG editors which can limit creativity and cripple site performance, we build sites by hand. We don’t use pre-built themes from other designers, customize 5% of them and then pass them off as our own designs. We custom tailor websites to your brand and your business goals.

Web design and development is our craft, and we’re craftsmen.

responsive web design

Mobile-friendly websites are an absolute must on the modern web. Without a mobile-friendly site, you will be penalized in mobile search for major search engines.

We build every website using Responsive Web Design techniques which ensures your site looks great and functions well on a range of screen sizes, and you aren't penalized by search engines for not having a mobile-friendly site.

wordpress themes and development

Need to be able to make frequent updates to your site yourself? We’ll build you a website based on the Wordpress platform to make updates quick and easy with no coding skills required.

Let us help you determine if a Content Management System is a good fit for your website.

web development

We are well versed in all things HTML and SCSS/CSS. For dynamic sites we turn to PHP. We’ve created websites from the simple to the complex, leveraging programming technologies to hook into third-party system APIs to bring data into our client’s websites making them more content rich and useful to their visitors.

support & maintenance

We don’t do overpriced content maintenance contracts, we bill you at a predictable hourly rate in 15 minute increments. We don’t believe you should pay hundreds of dollars a month for a maintenance agreement whether you need site updates or not. Need an estimate on updates first, we’re happy to provide one.

Most simple text and image updates take less than an hour to complete.

design & design consulting for hire

Need to contract a designer to assist your team in creating compelling projects for your own clients? We've worked with a number of companies as part of their teams. We can be a part of your design process or front-end development process. We love collaborating with other professional design and development teams to achieve the best possible product for their clients.

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