Beautiful graphic design and web design brought to you from Appleton, Maine.

About us

So you want to know a little more about 5iveLeaf Design Studio?

Tim Shackelford - Web and Graphic Designer and owner of 5iveLeaf Design Studio, LLC

Well, 5iveLeaf Design Studio is a tiny company from beautiful Appleton, Maine. How tiny is 5iveLeaf you ask? At the moment it's just me, Tim Shackelford, though my wife is also involved with 5iveLeaf's new photography venture.

After having worked in an office environment for VillageSoup for a number of years as part of their development team, I decided to branch out and start my own web design company. So in March of 2006, I starting picking up a few projects here and there as a freelance web designer. In January of 2007 I started 5iveLeaf Design Studio out of my home. Today 5iveLeaf Design Studio has served dozens of clients in the midcoast Maine area and beyond.

We do anything from contracted design, development, and coding projects for other design firms in the state, such as Acadia Creative and Helpful Website, to custom logo and website design for clients around the country.

And don't think for a second that since 5iveLeaf Design Studio is a one man show that we are not capable of handling your project from start to finish. There is a small team of talented professionals available such as web consultants, database developers, programmers, photographers, and copywriters to deliver the complete package.

So why the name 5iveLeaf?

5iveLeaf Design Studio was born out of a brainstorming/doodling session. People who believe in the luck of the five-leaf clover tend to believe that the fifth leaf brings you wealth. We believe that we can bring a little more wealth to all of our clients by providing beautiful, easy-to-use websites that serve the needs of their users.


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